Mouth Paw

by WCO

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released January 18, 2012




B)NNY B)Y Calgary, Alberta


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Track Name: Pneumonia
A pocket in my nasal cavity. It tastes like pneumonia. The ache smells of cold steel, saturated in a peel still peeling. To steel my senses from the frosted lenses of fumbling fauna. I stumble, I slip and sink through drifts. My ankle rolls and I tumble until I crack; my skull, the frozen creek. It's wet, and it melts, my sense of fear it melts into the red sparked pool, spidered frost in a flare behind. It melts.
Track Name: Flare Dream
I grasp the Dorje and blink into sand, grains behind my lids. My lips dry, drying further. Did I ever really need the moisture? My lower left lip numbs from the drool long since departed. I am blind, cold, and smiling with cracked lips and wrinkled gums. It is black here, and I've always been blind, I suppose. The sun burrows into my back between the shoulder blades, tugs them tight like an infants bedtime blankets; the sun is scared of something so much greater. My ribcage warms, it opens to embrace the dark mouth.
Track Name: Hall of intents
Tender teeth of the littlest girl articulate themselves in a bow across my brow. "Mister, you don't seem well," they whisper with a yell, "Well, where'd you hear that, Doll?" "The night broke to narrative, and the halls of your efforts educate." "Am I so transparent?" My shivering heart winks at me; it beats.
Her mouth paws me. Her nails claw me. Wrapped into the wood of the trees. Deer gnaw upon me. I bellow. Her mouth paw, it thaws me. My skull swells. She smiles. She smiles! It beats!
Track Name: Snap
He died as he lived: a cold-hearted cunt. Hear hear to the man who drowned his whole life. I heard his body floated on gas fume! Ether from his pores, his eyes wisped away like rotten dandelion spores. I heard that too! The whole thing? I sure did. Don't buy into rumour, folks, he died believing he was important. He died as he lived: a cold-hearted cunt. They clap for him, we clap for him, snap for him.